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BJV can design and analyze acquisition parameters ANYTIME during the life of your seismic program.  Our experts can assist you from the initial conception of a seismic program, through the survey pre-planning and field acquisition, to a post acquisition review of your seismic parameters

BJV Services Include:

  • Seismic Program Design
  • Advanced Seismic Modeling
  • Surface Exclusion Modeling
  • Field Services
  • Post Survey Analysis
  • Technical Bid Analysis
  • Library / Spec 3D Survey Evaluation

 BJV Tools:

  • Our team of expert acquisition geophysicists
  • Commercially based design and modeling software: Omni Workshop, Tesseral,Norsar, and DirectAid
  • BJV custom built design analysis software


Seismic Program Design

Depending on your objectives, our seismic program design analysis can include:

  • Signal to noise ratio analysis
  • Spatial aliasing analysis
  • Far offset analysis
  • Weathering layer / near surface analysis
  • Cost optimization of design parameters
  • PS feasibility analysis
  • 4D comparative analysis

Our team can determine the optimum parameters to meet your geophysical and economic objectives by analyzing well data, existing seismic data quality, and past experience in the region.


Advanced Seismic Modeling

Regardless of your imaging challenge, we have a multitude of advanced modeling techniques to tackle your challenge including:

  • Acoustic / elastic finite difference modeling (2D / 3D)
  • 2D / 3D raytracing (anisotropic / isotropic)
  • Illumination studies
  • Data simulation (using existing raw seismic data)


Surface Exclusion Modeling (Source / Receiver Point Optimization)

Recognizing that the real world is not theoretical, your program will need to be modified to account for real world issues such as:

  • Safety considerations (steep terrain avoidance)
  • Environmental restrictions (existing cut lines, riparian areas, wildlife sensitive areas, parks, etc.)
  • Government regulations (pipeline and water well set-backs)
  • Landowner considerations (lockouts – full lockout or receiver only)

Our experienced team can pre-plan source and receiver locations around these restrictions to ensure that data quality is optimized while minimizing capital expenditure and environmental impact

Our advanced survey preplanning allows you to get an accurate cost estimate before going to the field, ensuring that your program stays on budget.


Field Services


Real-Time Exclusion Modeling

Even with the best pre-planning, points may still have to be moved in the field.  BJV can provide 24 hour/day support to field/survey crews.  Our experts can remodel new exclusion areas in Real-Time to ensure operationally efficiency and optimal point placement for all areas with surface constraints.  


Field Survey Quality Control

During field operations, our team will continuously review the survey to ensure geophysical integrity, and advise the field of any changes required to maintain the geophysical integrity of the program.


Vibroseis Testing Parameter Design

BJV can design vibe testing parameters in order to optimize your vibe parameters prior to production.


Script Generation

Upon completion of the survey, BJV will provide scripts to the recording crew.


Post Survey Analysis


If you are considering reprocessing or applying advanced interpretation methods to your existing seismic programs, BJV can complete a post-survey assessment.

Our post-survey assessment takes advantage of all BJV’s design and modeling tools to help determine the probability of success for any reprocessing or advanced interpretation project you are considering. 


Technical Bid Analysis


Comparative analysis of technical parameters from competing acquisition companies

Our technical bid analysis takes advantage of all BJV’s design and modeling tools to help compare the contractors acquisition geophysical parameters and the associated capital costs to



Library / Spec 3D Survey Evaluation


Considering participating in a mult-client seismic program?  Have us evaluate if the parameters will meet your



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