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Our Services

We are involved in all geophysical aspects of a program from the initial concept through to the completion of fieldwork. Our services include:

  • Seismic Program Design
  • Exclusion Modeling
  • Field Services
  • Post Survey Analysis

Seismic Program Design

We ensure quality parameters that will meet the client’s geophysical objectives by analyzing well data, previous seismic-data quality, common offset stacks, and past experience in the area.  Included in our analysis:

  • Signal to noise ratio analysis
  • Spatial aliasing analysis
  • Useable offset analysis

We have the ability to utilize a multitude of advanced modeling techniques which can be used in complicated geological areas or unconventional resource plays.  Our advanced geophysical analysis can include:

  • Full Waveform Modeling
  • Data Simulation
  • Ray Trace Modeling
  • Microseismic Design
  • 4D Analysis

If a seismic company does not have enough channels to acquire a 3D seismic progam, we can design a seam (source or receiver) to suit the channels that are available.  Creating an operationally feasible seam helps ensure that the client's objectives can still be achieved regardless of equipment limitations.


Exclusion Modeling (Source / Receiver Point Optimization)

Recognizing that the real world is not theoretical, a client’s program will need to be modified to account for such real world issues as:

  • Safety considerations (steep terrain avoidance)
  • Environmental restrictions (existing cut lines, riparian areas, wildlife sensitive areas, parks, etc.)
  • Government regulations (pipeline and water well set-backs)
  • Landowner considerations (lockouts – full lockout or receiver only)

We pre-plan source and receiver locations around these restrictions to ensure that operational efficiency is maximized, costs are minimized, and that the technical integrity of the program is maintained.

BJV's experience in exclusion modeling ensure your project data quality will be optimal given your economic constraints. Clients will also be able to get an accurate cost estimate from our design before going to the field, ensuring that their program stays on budget.

Field Services

Even with the best pre-planning, points will have to be moved in the field. BJV supplies customized skid and offset sheets to the surveyors for every program.  Additionally, as the program is being conducted we will continuously review the survey to ensure geophysical integrity. If any issue cannot be resolved easily, we will notify the client immediately.

For projects with significant in field surface challenges BJV offesr Real Time exclusion modeling services.  During Real Time exclusion modeling, the field provides BJV with daily exclusion surveys, allowing BJV to remodel projects to 'near' post plot survey.  This process allows for technically optimal point placement while minimizing the extra time surveyors need to revisit sites for make ups.

Upon completion of the survey, we will provide scripts to the recording crew so that the program is recorded correctly.

Post Survey Analysis

BJV can assist you in a comprehensive analysis of an existing seismic program.

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