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Data Sources

What Kinds of Data Sources Does BJV Use for Pre-Planning?

We are a huge proponent of using all available data sources for pre-planning including:

  • Imagery: air photo or satellite
  • DEM: digital elevation models
  • Lidar Data: BJV has used this since 2002
  • Exclusion Surveys: all exclusion areas (riparian/water wells/ concrete buildings, etc) are surveyed prior to commencing full field operations

How Does BJV Use the Data Sources?

Riparian Area Avoidance (using Lidar/DEM/Imagery):

  • Allows BJV to maximize data quality by creating source/receiver stub lines in Riparian areas
  • Detailed preplanning by BJV gives the client a realistic idea of the potential sub-surface coverage

Slope Analysis (using DEM/Lidar):

  • Using slope analysis, expensive heli-points can be minimized
  • Keeps field staff away from steep terrain to avoid injury and maximize operational efficiency
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