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Deliverable Products

BJV’s Standard 3D Design Package Consists of:

  • Parameter Sheet
  • Grid Plot
  • Limited Offset Fold Plots
  • Large Scale Pre-plot or Post-plot Maps

We can also supply attribute plots for advanced geophsyical analysis including:

  • CDP Scatter
  • Offset Redundancy
  • Azimuth Distribution (Spider Plots)
  • Rose Diagram
  • OVT Plots

BJV also provides customized diagnostic plots that are specific to your project.

Field Products

  • Survey Progress Summary Maps: map showing survey progress relative to pre-plot
  • SEG-P1 Files: coordinate file containing source and receiver locations.                        
  • Dynanav/Kokiak Files: files that are loaded in GPS equipment for  helicopter assisted field crews
  • Scripts Files: files that define which receiver channels should be live for any given shot - available in all formats
  • Drill Stack Sheets
  • Garmin Files
  • IMG Files
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