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Vertical Seismic Profiles




A seismic survey geometry where the receivers are typically placed inside a borehole with the source points being located on the surface, or in a separate borehole.


VSP type-zero offset

Zero-Offset VSP 

A VSP where the source is located as close to the wellbore as possible


VSP type single offset

Offset VSP

A VSP where the source is located as an offset to the wellbore.


VSP type-walkaway

Walk-away VSP 

A VSP where multiple sources are located at different offsets along a line passing over the wellbore.


VSP type-cross well

Cross-well VSP 

A VSP survey where the source points are located in one borehole and the receiver points are located in a second borehole.


VSP type-inverse

Reverse/Inverse VSP 

A VSP where the sources are located in the borehole and the receivers are on the surface


VSP type-deviated

Deviated Borehole VSP 

A VSP where the receivers are placed in a non-vertical borehole.


VSP type-radial

Radial VSP 

A 3D version of the offset VSP where all sources are placed at a certain offset in a circle around the borehole.


VSP type-spoke

Spoke VSP 

A 3D version of the walkaway VSP where sources are placed on multiple lines leading out from the borehole.



VSP type-3d grid 

Grid VSP

An extension of a standard orthogonal 3D where the sources are placed in parallel lines in a grid above the borehole.

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