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BJV deliverables are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE depending on your geophysical and economic objectives.  Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive technical analysis and our recommendations.  BJV groups deliverables into 4 categories:

  1. Design report
  2. Advanced modeling report
  3. Basic modeling deliverables
  4. Field deliverables 


BJV will provide a comprehensive visual report illustrating our team’s analysis of your data and explanation of our recommendations.  Your report will be customized based on your geophysical and economic objectives, supplemented with figures to showcase the geophysical principles of seismic program design.  The report will be broken down into an analysis for each of the fundamental seismic parameters:

  • Geometry (if 3D)
  • Station spacing (SI / RI)
  • Line spacing (SLI / RLI)
  • Recording patch offsets required (In-line / X-line)
  • Source parameters (type, source type specific parameters) 


Our team of experts will provide a comprehensive visual report illustrating the findings and conclusions of the advanced modeling project.  Our advanced modeling services include acoustic/elastic finite difference modeling and illumination studies of PP, PS, or SS.  The results from advanced modeling studies are typically extensive.   Our experts will summarize the findings and conclusions of the study in a concise and logical way.  The conclusions will propose practical recommendations to solving your imaging problem.  Examples are:

  • Defining offset requirements to image steeply dipping structures (over-thrusts, salt, etc.)
  • Surface areas that will provide the greatest impact on imaging complicated sub-surface structures
  • Impact of line and station spacing on the illumination of sub-surface structures 


BJV’s basic modeling deliverables include:

  • Parameter Sheet
  • Grid Plot
  • Limited Offset Fold Plots
  • Large Scale Pre-plot or Post-plot Maps
  • SEGP1 or SPS

We can also supply attribute plots for advanced geophysical statistical analysis:

  • CDP Scatter
  • Offset Redundancy
  • Azimuth Distribution (Spider Plots)
  • Rose Diagram
  • OVT Plots (COV)

BJV also provides customized diagnostic plots that are specific to your project. 


BJV can provide digital files that are typically required by the client or any field crew.  Deliverables can include:

  • Recommendation of vibe testing parameters
  • Survey Progress Summary Maps: map showing survey progress relative to pre-plot
  • SEG-P1 Files: coordinate file containing source and receiver locations.                        
  • Dynanav/Kokiak Files: files that are loaded in GPS equipment for  helicopter assisted field crews
  • Scripts Files: files that define which receiver channels should be live for any given shot - available in all formats
  • Drill Stack Sheets
  • Garmin Files
  • IMG Files
  • Recording scripts
  • Seam report - layout plan when there are not enough channels to acquire project
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